Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sign of a financial Armageddon? One of a series of articles of interest.

Sign of a financial Armageddon?
Have you been watching this stuff at least casually?  Even if you're like me have no skin the game of trading stocks.  Much less buying "put" options.

However if I were running the games in Vegas or was a bookie well this is known as hedging your bets.  In case the long shot happens and you have some heavy betters that thought tonight was the night for long shot to win.

This is basically what is going on and someone has an inside tip because no one goes that heavy on a long shot without some knowledge of what is about to happen.  You would think any how.

Seeing this happening also tips off the "FEDS" so to speak too.  But an investigation takes a long time.  Plus everyone knows one another so no one is in a big hurry because its one of them that is hedging their bets.  Its part of their game.

So how does all this affect you?  I did say affect because, that is what will happen to regular folks like you and me.  Because it will affect the cash in our pockets and banks accounts.  They will become worth less than they are now.  Inflation is the effect of the affection that these guys are about to show for us.

The Author of this series of articles has some great sources that are worth digesting their information and discerning what you must do to be ready for the "unexpected" that this seems to point to.

Till next time, don't be roadkill.

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  1. Ok, one... Clearwater? Did I already know that?

    Moving on...
    Are you a gambler? Seriously, I totally get you here, but I come from gamblers, with relatives still working in casinos in Vegas... you would be AMAZED at how 'heavy' some people will bet on a long shot. Generally, they're people with far too much money, who are bored as Hell, (who wouldn't be if you had that much money?) and/or do it for 'posturing' just to prove, that they can lose that much...

    But I digress, as that's not your point and I know that. Here's the thing... Economics, is all just an illusion. With a little slight of hand thrown in now and again just to keep you guessing.

    You really want to have control? Facilitate your own 'trade.' You and your traders determine the value of your goods, services, etc.

    Find a house in foreclosure that you can take over the payments on, then owner finance it out to someone else.. you provide a house for someone who isn't feeding the big banks.

    Grow a garden and use Craigslist to find people to trade your food with, for something you need.

    The only way to stop the cycle is to stop expecting that the people who control it to change it when they profit from it.