Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I hope with these camera angles and clarity of the images, a review of them should give a squirrel's eye view of the blast areas.  There seems to be evidence that authorities were tipped off or the were running drills at the same time.  Giving all this that Sandy Hook Conspiracy thing happening.  Also was it our jihadist friends, tax protesters, tea party folks and don't forget those nasty conservatives.  

Or was it what they call false flag event.  Something you hear bandied about these days more and more.  I say whomever did it are criminals.  

There is no excuse for harming innocent folks no matter whom or wherever they are.  Some may say this is just a taste of what is happening elsewhere.  Still doesn't make it right in my humble opinion.

Raw: Boston Explosion Caught on VideoVideo from the Boston Globe shows the 1st explosion that rocked the finish line at the Boston Globe Monday. (April 15)
BOSTON—Law enforcement officials said Tuesday evening that they have no concrete information on who planted the two bombs that left more than 170 people injured and three dead near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday.
Seventeen of the injured are in critical condition in area hospitals, officials said, with several of them recovering from amputations.
Gov. Deval Patrick announced that President Barack Obama will attend an interfaith ceremony at Boston's Cathedral of the Holy Cross in honor of the victims on Thursday.
FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers pleaded with the public to provide information to help authorities track down the culprit, particularly those who might know someone who was researching how to make bombs, or who saw a suspicious person carrying a heavy black nylon bag near the finish line.
"Someone knows who did this," DesLauriers said. The agent said the investigation in its "infancy," and that authorities do not know who is responsible for planting the bombs. He described the case as "wide open."
DesLauriers said it appeared at least one of the bombs was made of a pressure cooker loaded with nails and metal BBs, though the debris from the scene will have to be examined before they can make that determination. Doctors said metal bearings had embedded into the skin of their patients.
Officials also asked the public to turn in any photographic or digital evidence they have from the scene. They directed people with information to call 1-800-494-TIPS.

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