Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mind control summer camp

Have you ever wondered about the "Secret"  and other self awareness and self help stuff out there?  It often promises to make folks like and trust you so they will buy from you and stuff like that?

Well did it work for you?

Probably not if you didn't realize what you were controlling or trying to control was not your target of intention at all.

People call it training and re-education or even "Mind Control".

With that in mind I came across this great post.  Hope it shed light on the subject you should focus on if you buy into all that kind of stuff.

Read the following please:
Mind control summer camp
I don’t remember at what point I noticed the subpoena servers were following me home from school. They’d crawl along in one crappy hatchback or another. I recognized the way the car drove more than who was driving it. Sometimes, I knew even before leaving the building whether the car would be there, idling, waiting. I could feel it.
I often wonder if this heightened awareness was a side effect of Silva Mind Control’s techniques. Neuropsychologist Julia Mossbridge recently showed that humans seemed to have developed subconscious sensitivity to events in the near future. As lead author of a meta-analysis on physiological (or subconscious) premonition published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, Mossbridge reveals our bodies detect the future. She speculates that it may be possible for people to learn to make this subconscious ability conscious, so that we can prepare for future events before they happen. Perhaps because I had been programmed to believe in my own extended mental ability, I walked home with my three fingers pressed together determined to change the stressful reality. This weird guy will not follow me home today. He will leave after seeing no sign of my mother. The weird guy will drive off as soon as I turn the corner. Sometimes it worked, and I’d turn around to see that the car was gone. Sometimes it didn’t, and the mustached bounty hunter drove right up behind me. Still, I never lost hope.
On weekends when my mother’s boss stopped by our house to chat, I would send him messages, too. You will figure out this terrible situation and your wife will stop bothering us. You will end this. It seemed my three fingers were constantly pressed together for one reason or another. At night, I would practice the techniques to “relax” into the alpha state and go to “my favorite place” just to be free from the stress. As escapist as these exercises may seem, I wasn’t imagining their usefulness. The direct experience of empowerment kept me steady. The reason why I didn’t have a nervous breakdown or start to slip in school was because mind control techniques showed me ways to cope.
The only disappointment was once I realized my techniques’ efficacy didn’t really extend to external circumstances. My mother’s boss lost the divorce; my mother lost her job. My enthusiasm died, my practices faded away. Skepticism and resentment of mind control camp’s falsities fueled me through adolescence and early adulthood. The system, the camp, the whole concept of mind control was easier to reject than examine. I tried blocking the experience out, but like so many people, I held on to the wish for a way to control the world around me. Not until I started a writing career, a meditation practice and a family did I understand the mind control techniques were never meant to control other people’s minds, but my own.
Now that you have read the article/post.  How do you feel about it and all this "Secret Stuff" now?  Would you like more insights?  Instructions?  How about a forum discussion?  Let me know.

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